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Tailored Human Capital For
Your Business Growth


As an established hi-tech company or startup, human capital is one the key factors for your business success. However, finding the right employee for your business can be a big challenge and time consuming. MizDigital’s main mission is to help you build your company’s next generation that will grow your business and allow you to scale.

MizDigital’s expertise is to deliver top marketing, sales and technical talents to emerging startups and tech companies to enable a healthy business growth.

Maya Luninski
Lital Feldman
Using our structured 4-steps methodology, we specialize in helping our clients recruit the talent needed to meet their growth targets

Step 1

Knowing Your Company And Values

Our process starts with understanding your company and your vision. By understanding your go-to-market strategy and culture, we build a recruitment strategy which is aligned to your goals.

Step 2

Profiling Candidates

Our vast experience and unique methods combined with mapping the skills and experience needed for your roles, enables us to profile ideal candidates quickly and efficiently.

Step 3

Source And Match Talents

We utilize our network, deep sourcing expertise and personal skills to identify potential candidates and then headhunt the target candidate. We manage the whole recruitment process including sourcing, interviews, references and eventually signing with the candidate.

Step 4

Post Hiring Satisfaction

Our mission is that both sides will be satisfied from the experience of finding the right talent for your business. After a hiring was made, we continue to learn and receive feedback from both our clients and candidates.

Simply said, when we look for talent, we turn to Mizdigital. Maya, Lital and their team are highly networked, recruitment experts who’s work have had and continue to have a great impact on our company’s growth and success.
Einav Maya, SVP at EquityBee

    Maya Luninski
    Maya Luninski, Co-Founder of Miz Digital, entered the world of recruitment five years ago, and since then has been focusing on understanding the growth needs of startups and recruiting high-quality human capital to help fulfill those needs. She has successfully placed dozens of digital marketing professionals in a variety of startups. Her vast networking skills, interpersonal charm, goal-oriented motivation, and deep understanding of startup needs have made her a household name in the start-up nation and tech industry. Maya focuses her experience and drive to make sure every recruitment process finalizes quickly and successfully to the utmost satisfaction of all parties. Maya holds a B.A. in Psychology from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.
    Lital Feldman
    Lital Feldman, Partner of Miz Digital, is a recruitment expert at MizDigital with an added value – her law experience. She combines the worlds of business and law to achieve a fine understanding of what’s important (and what’s not…), her talent to clearly communicate any message and think strategically, as well as the ability to create a vision and define the steps needed to turn that vision into reality. She is also an expert in writing opinions, interviews, and analyzing data. Thorough yet creative, responsible and practical, Lital brings these combined attributes to Miz Digital, helping source the best fitting candidates, never losing sight of the big picture. Lital is a licensed attorney and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and a B.A. in Political Science and Government from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.